Dimple Creation Surgery

One of the latest trends in cosmetic surgery is dimple creation surgery. Plastic surgeons have reported a huge rise in demand for dimples, probably due to celebrity culture.

Stars like Cheryl Cole (British), Anne Hathaway (American), Audrey Tautou (French) and Kirsten Dunst (American) have all been cited as influences behind the decision to have dimple creation surgery. Men are also getting involved, and dimples are being created on the chin as well as the cheek.

Like many things, the trend started in Hollywood. The surgery was pioneered by Dr Aharonov in Beverly Hills, and it is rumoured that many stars have undergone the treatment to either accentuate their dimples or create new ones.

The technique has spread across the Atlantic to Europe, with London now offering the same procedure. London’s leading Dimple Creation plastic surgeon is Shailesh Vadodaria, who is familiar with the attraction of dimples having originally come from India.

“In India and many other Asian cultures, dimples have long been admired. They are seen as a sign of good fortune and fertility. In the West they are admired for their cuteness, and are increasingly in demand.”

There is also a theory that having dimples plays a role in sexual selection, but whatever the reason, the demand for dimple creation surgery is going up. It’s still a small niche though and few cosmetic surgeons are trained in the procedure.

So, how can you get dimples created on your cheeks?

The operation itself is relatively straightforward. A tiny cut is made in the skin to create a small depression. A stitch is added, which then dissolves leaving scar tissue that creates the dimple. Surgery is done under local anaesthetic and patients can leave straight after the operation. It takes a few weeks for the depression to level out to the required size.

Has anybody had dimple surgery? Do you know anyone who has? Please let us know your thoughts.