Frotox anti-ageing treatment

Botox ™ has been around for years, and has become established as an anti ageing treatment used by both celebrities and us 'normal' people. Despite the fact it is regarded as safe, many people don't want purified botulinum toxin inserted into their face.

A new anti ageing treatment is causing excitement now - Frotox. This non-toxin treatment, Cryoneuromodulation, is also known as Coldtox but Frotox seems to be the most common name. It is currently undergoing trials in the USA and Europe, but it is expected to become widely available. Countries in Asia and South America are also looking at allowing the procedure.

The big attraction of this new approach is that it is non-toxic. This promises to be a safer way to remove wrinkles. One expert in London, Dr Alexandrides, tells us:

“If you get very cold, your hands might become numb and you could find it hard to move your fingers. This is the effect of cold on nerves. We are now using that effect in a highly targeted way on a specific nerve that controls the muscles that cause wrinkles on the forehead and between the brows. An intense cold shock puts the nerve into ‘hibernation’ for up to four months, so muscles relax and wrinkles disappear.”

This new treatment promises more than just anti ageing power. Using the cold to disable nerves temporarily is already a technique for helping people in chronic pain. The new Frotox treatment will add another weapon for doctors to use against pain. The new device that delivers Frotox, developed by MyoScience Inc, is small and powerful and is expected to be used by hospitals as well as cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

The Frotox device is about the size of a large pen. During the treatment the forehead is given a local anaesthetic. The device then inserts small, needle like tips into the skin. A 30 second burst of freezing cold is then shot into the facial nerves. Froxtox takes about 10 minutes to apply, and there is no pain, rather just a sensation of pressure on the skin.

If this new treatment works, then it will be much more effective than anti ageing creams. The evidence so far suggests that it does, but the effects only lasts for a few months. Botox also only lasts a few months. There are also the same side effects as Botox™, such as headaches and discomfort.

The big news is that Frotox in non-toxic. There is another advantage for Frotox over Botox™ though. Botox™ takes a few days to start working, while Frotox is instant.

The reports I've heard from patient in the trials are very impressive. I went to visit a clinic trailing the new treatment, and the patients were very happy with the results. The new device will require expertise to use, so you will need to see a cosmetic plastic surgeon for Frotox. The cost is expected to be about the same as that for Botox. Start saving now!